The system provides the best features for crypto degens on Ethereum, Solana (soon) and Base (soon):

Telegram Bots

  • A trading degen signal system to get the most profitable trades in the market (buy and sell signals):

    • Moonshot signals (New token launch)

    • Daily winners signals (Medium liquidity pairs)

    • Market leader signals (Big liquidity pairs)

  • Integrated Telegram Sniper Bot with its own node to not miss any of the alerts.

    • Manual

    • Auto trader

The goal of BobNet is to offer a variety of services for on-chain trading, filtering, and managing on-chain data to ensure accurate and pertinent information. We continually broaden our product offering while producing income for $BOBNET token holders. When BobNet is successful, everyone wins.

Depending on the number of tokens held or subscription method, the user will be able to access the features depending on the tiers.

BobNet just provides signals after a super sophisticated internal system confirms the opportunity.

Market intelligence platform

BobNet comes to revolutionize and upgrade the degen ecosystem environment. BobNet provides the data, knowledge, and confidence to make better investment and trading decisions in the DEX degen space:

  • Market live dashboards that will make your journey easier.

  • Strategy simulator and top AI forecasting algorithms services.

  • Adapted queries that actually work.

MoonPad Casino

Funding platform & Minting bot: secret features to be revealed soon. Launch your coins with BobNet's help!

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