🧠Market Intelligence platform

BobNet is also an all-in-one platform for the degen trading space.

Total Control Dashboards

First of this type of live charts in the market, you will be able to control the market at a glance, all the live mooners and current state of the market.

All the BobNet's Telegram bots interface also ut in a desktop UI.

Scams are a major issue right now in the Degen community. BobNet recently arrived to assist you and make your life simpler. The best available feature on the market for traders looking to make money continuously is Total Control Dashboards. Bob's word! 🐸

Strategy simulator for DEX

Test your strategies with BobNet system. BobNet's huge database is ready to be tested with professional strategies.


The degen space needed this feature. You will be able to detect all the best wallets in the market, strategies. Also this will be the most preferred platform for professionals who need to find useful information regarding this market.

AI ML Forecasting Service

The most advance AI algorithms ready for you. Enjoy and improve profitability in your trades using copyrighted BobNet's AI predictive algorithms which improves efficiency standard algorithms by 1000X.

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