Revenue Share System

We are here to share with all of our holders and the community!
  • Must hold a minimum of 50 $BOBNET tokens.
  • The revenue share is distributed in ETH by default.
  • Claiming rewards requires a minimum of 0.1 ETH to be accumulated.
  • By default, auto-compounding is enabled, which means that your ETH rewards are automatically swapped for $BOBNETs, which will entitle you to a bigger share of the revenue. If desired, this can be disabled.
What is my revenue share comprised of?
  • 40% of all transaction fees incurred by BobNet Trading Bot (integrated alpha+sniper TG bot)
  • 1% of all $BOBNET Tax trading volume.
  • 50% BobNet AI Auto-Trader system
How does auto-compounding work?
  • Must hold at least 50 $BOBNET tokens.
  • ETH earned from the revenue share is automatically swapped for $BOBNET.
  • Your accumulated $BOBNETs contributes to your revenue share calculation without needing to be claimed.
  • $BOBNET bought via auto-compounding has 0% tax instead of the typical 5%.